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Gemma O’Brien (Debz Transport)

“Driving a truck with the window down on a summer’s day is better than being stuck cooped up in an office.”

Gemma O’Brien has done her office time and is now looking forward to getting out on the road driving trucks.
Aged 28, she has been working in the family business for nine years in administration and dispatch but she is swapping the computer for the wheel.
“I love trucks, know a lot about trucks and it’s a family business so it’s all I’ve known really.
“Being a truck driver is sort of like being your own boss. You have freedom, you travel, you get to see heaps of places and you have someone to talk to, but you
do all your own time management. It’s a lifestyle.”
Gemma says she faces no barriers and everyone is supportive of her becoming a truck driver.
“If there is anything out there that stops me it is more myself than other people.”

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