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Trucking careers

Freedom. Travel. Banter. Meeting great people.
Learning all the time. Time alone on the road.
This is how many truck drivers describe their
careers. If this sounds like you….

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A change in direction

Not many people have a career for life. At
any stage, you might want to try something
new. If you’ve always thought about being
a truck driver, now is the time to give it a go.

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Do you qualify?

Truck driving is unique in that drivers share
their main workplace – the road – with all other
road users. That means, you need to be safe on
he road. Take the quiz to see if truck driving
is right for you.

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Road to success programme

We asked employers and candidates to talk about their involvement in the Road to Success programme. Helping to fill a driver shortage and providing training to new drivers are just some of he benefits they have experienced. Watch the video here

At 2am one morning Kotuku Coombe stood on a cross road – down one road was opportunity and down the other was a life of trouble and no direction.

“Driving a truck with the window down on a summer’s day is better than being stuck cooped up in an office.”

When John MacDonald was made redundant from a senior position at NZ Post, he decided to use the money he got to upskill and take up a career driving…