About Driver Traineeship

You already know that attracting and retaining good drivers is a challenge facing our industry. It is really important to invest in training and mentoring new drivers to relieve our long-term driver shortage, as well as offering career progression and upskilling opportunities to retain your top drivers.  Road to success provides a way to boost your current training and recruitment programme by offering industry recognised qualifications to show the career pathways within your business.

Whether you take on someone new or enroll existing drivers, they will begin working towards industry tertiary qualifications and continue their training to becoming professional drivers in your company. The Te ara ki tua Road to success team will be with you along the way to support you and your trainee. The programme is open to members of Transporting New Zealand, National Road Carriers and NZ Trucking Association, as well as to those who are not affiliated with any association.


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Why use the Driver Traineeship?

  • Play a leading role in embedding the training requirements and tertiary pathways and qualifications that better reflect the skill sets required by today’s generation of truck drivers
  • Demonstrate you are investing in the future of the industry and committed to good corporate social responsibility
  • Develop your drivers, using a training pathway that achieves industry recognized tertiary qualifications
  • Gain access to a wider range of new driver applicants
  • Build a sustainable pipeline of drivers from class 2 to class 5 for your fleet and the sector
  • Promote your business through interviews and photographs celebrating success

What will I need to do?

  • Be able to provide a supportive learning environment for a driver trainee
    – online learning – include it in your existing training plan
    – on the job training – all aspects of role and your business
  • Regularly, track progress and report on training and completion of 4 micro credentials (qualification achievement) while progressing your trainee through to the highest licence for your business

What will it cost me?

  • The cost for your trainee to sit licences at each level – some trainees will be eligible for wage subsidy and additional financial support for training
  • Each micro credential is $75.00 + GST from January 2023 – MITO will invoice this as the cost relates to government fees funding
  • A one-off administration cost of $100.00 + GST per driver enrolled paid to Road to success (no limit on those enrolled – discount for multiple enrolments)