Become a truck driver

Truck drivers play a valuable role in keeping New Zealand moving. Through natural disasters, such as earthquakes, and pandemics, such as the Covid-19 lockdowns, truck drivers keep delivering essential supplies like food and medicines. People depend on truck drivers, who deliver 93 percent of all goods moved around New Zealand every day. Truck drivers work hard and see a lot of life. The rewards are there for those who want them.

Become a truck driver

Other roles in road freight transport

Forklift operator

Companies that move freight around need machinery to do that. Forklift operators use a forklift to do that. They must have an F endorsement on their driver licence.

Workshop technician

A workshop technician repairs and maintains the company’s vehicles.

Office administrator

This person might be called an office coordinator. They keep the office running smoothly. They check that freight has been measured correctly. In general, they offer support where people need it.


Dispatchers are responsible for a company’s freight while it is within the company. They take orders and send truck drivers to pick up and drop off goods. They must make sure the freight is being carried by a suitable truck. For instance, if there are dangerous goods in a shipment, they must be carried by someone licensed to carry them in a vehicle that is safe to carry them.

Logistics planner

A logistics planner coordinates shipping and receiving of goods and people. This includes every movement of something from the time the company acquires it to its final delivery. There is some overlap with what a dispatcher might do, but a logistics planner also works with freight coming from or going to someplace outside the company.

Transport manager

The transport manager oversees the work of getting freight and people from one place to another. They manage budgets, organise schedules and routes, ensure that vehicles are safe and meet legal requirements, and make sure that drivers are aware of their duties.