About the scheme

Te ara ki tua Road to success Driver Traineeship provides a career pathway for people who want to become a truck driver. Trainees will:

  • Be matched with a suitable transport business that will employ them for the traineeship
  • Have a hands-on approach to learning
  • Receive a liveable wage – earn while you learn
  • Get nationally recognised industry and tertiary qualifications
  • Progress their licence class

Earning potential is unlimited for professional truck drivers – the ability to own your own truck, or fleet of trucks, is a very real and achievable goal. On our traineeship, you are employed full time, on a liveable wage, and pay increases are linked with licence progression and role responsibility

The journey of a new driver from class 2 to class 5 is something we believe is worth taking time over. Quality training and full understanding of all areas of truck driving are essential to  developing professionals in our industry. We believe that 24 months for those under 25, and 12-18 months for those over 25 is a fair and reasonable time expectation for achieving graduation of the programme

Road to success is administered by the Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand

Become a truck driver


Step 1

Interested trainee applies to Te ara ki tua Road to success.


Operator enrols existing drivers in the qualifications

Step 2

Road to success screens and considers trainee application.


Road to success team contact drivers put forward by operator to introduce quals

Step 3

Matching process - Trainee will be placed in a suitable transport business.

Step 4

Successful match! Parties sign trainee agreement and employment contract.


Journey begins

Training and qualifications commence - training pathway established.

1 month

RTS team contacts both trainee and employer to confirm enrolment in qualifications has been successful

If issues arise an industry mentor is engaged.

3-6 months

1) micro-credentials completed awarded
2) Successful licence progression.
Certificate of recognition awarded.

12-24 months

x4 micro-credentials completed.
Licensing progression to class 5 licence.
Full-time job continues with employer and professional driving career begins