Transport operators have told Transporting New Zealand that access to drivers is their number one challenge.

We’ve listened and worked with industry to develop a tailor-made traineeship that:

  • Is designed to meet the unique needs of the road freight transport industry
  • Promotion and recognition for employers through digital and print media
  • Will improve the industry – better safety and capability
  • Offer development and progression opportunity for existing drivers through the enrolment in micro credential industry qualifications – helping improve retention in your business
  • Will make the industry more attractive as a career choice
  • Gives national recognition with NZQA certified qualifications
  • Has MITO support: Mentors and eLearning
  • Offers a pathway to a sustainable career in our industry
  • Reduces labour supply shortages for participating companies over time
  • Funding support: Fees free qualifications and licencing and income subsidy for some trainees

Taking on a trainee will obviously increase the workload for your business in the short term. Transport operators who choose to take on a trainee are those that understand the big picture; the longevity of both the industry as a whole and of their businesses.

The benefits of building a relationship with a trainee who’s keen to become a proficient and safe driver, will likely outweigh added costs in the short term.

The benefits of an industry-wide traineeship programme will be felt both across the industry as a whole, as well as by businesses that choose to take part in directly improving their own workforce.

The experts in our industry are people just like you who are running transport businesses. The traineeship will provide you with structure and support to mentor a trainee and share your knowledge.  You will have access to an experienced Transporting New Zealand co-ordinator.

This programme is heavily subsidised by the industry. Your fee assists us in covering some of our operating costs, such as: labour, travel, marketing, and administration.

Traineeship admin fee – one off cost of $500.00 + gst

covers the enrolment of all trainees/drivers in the programme for that employer

If you take on a trainee that was previously a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) client, MSD may be able to subsidise approximately one sixth of their wage. Furthermore, they will be eligible for work readiness financial assistance.

Some trucking businesses focus on doing ‘line-haul’ delivery, which means transporting goods a long distance from city to city. These drivers will get to travel great distances every day for work. Be sure to bring up your ambitions and preferences with the Road to success team.

Some of the trucking businesses focus on doing ‘metro’ work, which means transporting goods short distances typically within one city or region. These drivers will have multiple runs every day, and will be back home every night. Be sure to bring up your ambitions and preferences with the Road to success team.

We have set the minimum hourly wage for this traineeship at $21.50. However, some businesses may start you off on a higher rate, especially if you already have relevant experience or already have your class 4 licence. Your pay will also increase as progress your licence and take on more responsibilities as per your employer’s usual employment practice. Experienced drivers can make lots of money, graduating this traineeship will place you on track to get there.

Past offences, particularly those related to driving, may hinder your chances of finding employment as a truck driver. However, this is very much on a case-by-case basis, so please get in contact as you may still be eligible.