Joshua Hart
Class 5 driver, Hart Haulage

Our Te ara ki tua Road to success Driving Change Diversity Programme aims to show that the industry is open to people from all walks of life. This year, our first cohort of Diversity Champions grew to 9 participants from diverse backgrounds and working in different roles within the industry. Let’s meet Joshua Hart, a Class 5 Driver from Hart Haulage. It’s no surprise if he looks familiar – his story of overcoming bullying to spread courageous message in the community has been covered by TVNZ 1’s Seven Sharp. Now an anti-bullying ambassador, Josh drives a bright pink truck around Auckland to talk to students about embracing diversity to create a safe, bully-free environment. Josh believes neither race nor academic ability should be a barrier to entry. The trucking industry was the first industry to accept him and his authentic self when others wouldn’t. To pay it forward, today he goes above and beyond to listen to and help others, as well as raise better awareness of mental health issues.