Mickayla Kerr
CEO, Heagney Bros

Great leaders can be role models for embracing diversity as they lead by example, initiating practices to attract people from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. As the CEO of Heagney Bros, Diversity Champion Mickayla Kerr understands how important leadership is in cultivating a diverse workplace. Running a family-owned transport company in a male-dominated environment, Mickayla is always ready to stand up for what is right and what could be better. She works hard to bring out the best in every driver, whether it’s supporting female applicants in obtaining Class 5 licences, giving people with physical limitations career opportunities or providing school hours to working parents. In her 15 years in the military, she was one of the first females to lead within the combat arms, and was actively involved in recruiting female soldiers into the artillery. Mickayla deeply appreciates diversity at work – for her it’s about bringing together a team that everyone can contribute in their own ways and offer different perspectives.