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About the scheme

Te ara ki tua Road to success provides a career path for people who want to become a truck driver. Trainees will:

  • Be matched with a suitable transport business that will employ them for the traineeship
  • Have a hands-on approach to learning
  • Receive a liveable wage - earn while you learn
  • Get nationally recognised qualifications
  • Progress their licence class

You will receive a wage of at least $21.50 an hour. However, many companies may start you off on a higher wage, and there will be opportunities to increase what you earn as you progress your licence and your responsibilities.

The traineeship and the Road to success team’s involvement will last one year, after which it is expected that you will continue on at your company.

Road to success is administered by the Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand


Become a truck driver


Step 1

Interested trainee applies to Te ara ki tua Road to success.

Step 2

Road to success screens and considers trainee application.

Step 3

Matching process - Trainee will be placed in a suitable transport business.

Step 4

Successful match! Parties sign trainee agreement and employment contract.


Journey begins

Full orientation of both parties by Road to success.
Training and qualifications commence - MITO and driver training.
Licensing pathway established.


Road to success engages weekly initially with both parties. 
If issues arise an industry mentor is engaged.
If all OK engagement is monthly.

3-6 months

1) micro-credential awarded 
2) Successful licence progression.
Certificate of recognition awarded.

12 months

Success! 'Graduation ceremony' held.
x4 micro-credentials completed.
Licensing progression to higher levels of licence.
Either full-time job continues with employer or alternate employment sourced.