Chelly Balasbas
HR Manager, Allied and Holcim Concrete

HR professionals have a unique role in creating and empowering a diverse workforce as they can provide leaders an aerial view of new sources of talent. For Chelly Balasbas, our Diversity Champion who is HR Manager at Allied and Holcim Concrete, there is a lot more to diversity than surface differences in any organisation. Diversity means accepting, valuing and giving equitable treatment to people regardless of their social class, beliefs, cultures, age and gender. She is mindful of her own unconscious biases, and has a flexible, collaborative approach to ensure that she responds well to different cultural norms. Chelly believes that diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be just a superficial marketing tool, but an authentic priority for transport companies. We’re beyond excited to have a HR manager joining the programme this year, and we can’t wait to see how Chelly will develop professionally with us.