John MacDonald (KAM Transport)

When John MacDonald was made redundant from a senior position at NZ Post, he decided to use the money he got to upskill and take up a career driving trucks.

“It was time to do something different and this offers plenty of work, variety, something different every day and challenges and problems to solve.
“You travel through New Zealand’s beautiful countryside and you can earn good money if you are interested.”
John has been a truck driver for five years and has worked through to a Class 5 licence. He drives line haul (the longer distances) for KAM Transport.
“There’s a bit of banter on the road and you meet a lot of good people. You get put up in a hotel and fed and it’s a good life.”
John says people in the trucking industry are open and willing to help and educate you along the way and he doesn’t regret his decision to do something

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