Te Ara Ki Tua Road to success - Qualification Pathway, Driver Boost

While we know the importance of investing in the training of new drivers, we also know that recognition of the skills and abilities of experienced drivers is important too. The Road to success Qualification Pathway, Driver Boost is a way to provide this recognition for your drivers.

The industry tertiary qualifications, developed by MITO with industry and delivered online, provide the chance to upskill and complete the theory knowledge of our class 4 and 5 drivers, particularly those new in those levels. Being able to include this as a personal development opportunity within your business, confirms your investment in the ongoing professional standard of your drivers and in their own personal growth and goals. While we know that many drivers see their class 5 licence as recognition of their ability on its own, we also know that others would welcome the opportunity to have an industry recognised qualification to support that.

Being able to promote ongoing training and industry qualifications in your recruitment campaigns will attract applications from a wider group of people who are looking to work for a company that invests in their people, at all levels, and shows your commitment to have skilled and qualified people behind the wheel of your fleet.

The micro credentials that make up the qualification pathway programmes are studied online and are made up of units covering topics that all drivers will be able to relate to – knowledge gained through on the road experience. We know that many are fearful or wary of further study and often won’t have the best memories of school, however, knowing the subject matter and being able to draw on their industry experience, gives confidence that earning these qualifications is something that all can achieve.

Working with Booth’s Logistics over the past few weeks and seeing how they are approaching the inclusion of the qualification pathway into their training and development programmes has been great. They have offered this programme to a group of class 5 drivers who have the chance to be the first to go through Driver Boost in their company and in turn, be champions of the programme to their peers within the business. Road Transport Logistics have also used a group approach bringing learners together to work online and support each other. Other companies such as Tranzliquid, NZ Express, Wareing Group, Mainstream Freight and Alexander Group all have drivers enrolled in Boost and working through the micros. They support the programme and the use of these qualifications to upskill and fill gaps in their drivers knowledge and the benefit of offering this chance to their team.

We will be sharing the stories of the drivers who are working through the qualifications and celebrating their achievements along the way. While industry tertiary qualifications are not something that truck drivers have traditionally taken on, we believe that those entering the industry over the coming years, both as trainees and fully licenced drivers, will be looking for more than just the class of licence to show their professional approach to their work. We are looking forward to growing the number of Driver Boost Graduates and to promoting industry tertiary qualifications as a way of identifying professional drivers in the future.

If you would like to know more about the Qualification Pathway and how it can be introduced into your training and development plan, please get in touch – success@transporting.nz