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Driving Change Diversity Programme

The Driving Change Diversity Programme works with people from within the transport industry who come from diverse backgrounds and work in different roles, from truck drivers to managers and business owners. The programme is an initiative sponsored by Teletrac Navman and is proudly supported by Transporting New Zealand and the Australian Transport Association. The programme aims to address what the industry recognises is a workforce that doesn’t accurately reflect the diversity of New Zealand and New Zealanders today.

Te ara ki tua Road to success Driving Change Diversity Programme brings a two-fold approach to creating a diverse and inclusive transport business.
First, it showcases diversity stories to the transport industry and wider community. Honest life stories of participants promote a positive perception of the industry and encourage new entrants into the workforce.

Second, through a valuable package of professional development opportunities to build the right skills for participants, the programme teaches them how to embrace and celebrate a unique workforce.

In an increasingly globalised world, transport companies should put diversity at the top of their agendas.

Programme FAQ


TE ARA KI TUA ROAD TO SUCCESS DRIVING CHANGE DIVERSITY PROGRAMME – sponsored by Teletrac Navman and proudly supported by Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand and the Australian Transport Association.

The Road to success Driving Change Diversity Programme is an initiative that will celebrate industry diversity, develop diversity champions, and improve industry image. The programme will showcase diversity champions to the trucking industry and wider community through programme participant stories and diversity training, promoting positive perception of industry and encouraging new entrants into the workforce.


Participants will:

  • Learn how to create change and facilitate diversity and in their workplace and community including:
    • The power of diversity in the workplace and trucking industry
    • How to become a diversity ambassador
    • How to change the perception of diversity within their workplace, the trucking industry and their community
  • Receive ongoing professional development to build skills to enact industry change
  • Be encouraged to become mentors to participants of the Te ara ki tua Road to Success scheme
  • Develop a strong professional network with like-minded individuals


The Programme is designed to minimise any interruption to participants work schedule.  We anticipate a 3-5 day time commitment across the duration of the Programme (12 months).  We will work with our team of champions to ensure that the Programme is flexible and adding value for each participant

Confimred programme requirements:

  • 1 hour intro webinar
  • Diversity Workshop (2 days) – held in Wellington at Transporting New Zealand head  office (August 2022)
  • Quarterly virtual cohort catch-up
  • Monthly mentoring check-ins with Road to success trainees – online as a group and in one-on-one phone calls (Champion to be matched with trainee/s)
  • Provide 2 articles on their experience with diversity in the workplace during the year – their own story and one that highlights area of culture change around diversity they have initiated in their workplace

Options that will be available to all Champions:

  • On-going professional development – available to all participants and will be a mix of online and in person training that includes issues such as: navigating difficult conversations/Presentation skills/Mentoring. These session will be available  throughout the year (scheduled to cause minimum disruption to worktime)
  • Attend Transporting New Zealand’s Annual conference – either joining for both days or just 1 day

To be developed with our cohort of Champions:

  • Regular mentoring check-ins with Road to success trainees – online as a group and in one-on-one phone calls (Champion to be matched with trainee/s)
  • Attending events in their area that are hosted or supported by Transporting New Zealand to promote Diversity and inclusion in the transport industry


To participate in the Road to success Driving Change Diversity Programme, applicants must:

  • Be of a diverse background or a diversity champion. Diverse backgrounds include age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, physical abilities and religious beliefs.
  • Be involved as an owner or employee in a trucking business
  • Be available to travel for programme workshops and other events
  • Complete the nomination form in full and provide a high-resolution head and shoulders photograph.
  • Be willing to undertake media activity, including photography and video


Teletrac Navman will pay the full cost of participation, including travel, accommodation, delegate fees and meals. Participants will only have to pay incidental expenses.


To apply please use the online nomination form below. If you have any further questions regarding the programme please contact Fiona at [email protected].

Nominations close 5pm 22nd July 2022. Nominatins have now closed.